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Build Web sites in WordPress 
A website is the showcase of your business in the digital arena. Without it, your digital presence is poor or you are there or you do not exist.
fixer has built a unique website for you, taking into account all the parameters required for your business. What kind of website do you need?
Image website (for information and information)
A website with a sales interface (virtual store) and a credit clearing system.
All this while emphasizing the visibility of the site – attractive design that will capture the eye of the surfer and intrigue him.
Website Resonance – Flexibility and automatic adjustment for all types of screens such as: laptops / desktops, touch screens, smartphones and different resolutions.
Optimization – matching the site to search engines and focusing on any topic of marketing and promoting the website (organic promotion)
Accessibility – accessibility of the site for people with disabilities.
Building websites with fixer – allows you to enjoy all possible platforms.