Digital marketing spreads over 4 main platforms: Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google advertising and displaying business rankings on Google Maps.

Advertising on social networks – such as Facebook and Instagram:

The company promotes the product / service of the business using smart and smart creative, and as an integral part of the business campaign (campaign), the website will include the assimilation of electronic stores, credit clearance systems, order management Etc. Every landing page on the site receives special design and full branding. eran fixer is prepared to offer you a variety of options that suit your unique business.

Google Social Advertising:

Google’s social network allows us to promote your business and your website both on the organic side and on the financing side. It also enables us to create a complementary platform for advertising the business on Google Maps.


Google Maps:


Google Maps allows us to view the business on the map from the verification of a business card by Google, and after that happens, any review / image / rating given to the business card by the surfers makes the reputation of the business grow so that the next potential prospect Our home business will get a small map on the left with ratings of the home business.


Want to get into your customers’ minds and expand to more customers? It’s time to boost your digital advertising pace!