Business owner, you have a website but you have no idea who visited it, how many visited it and what service the visitors were interested in? eran fixer provides you with a genius solution – a system for managing and maintaining customers.

The system for managing and preserving customers – its advantages are many:

Automatically respond to clients by the name of the business by a robot

Manage and record calls using virtual numbers (precise monitoring!)

Management of a computerized customer base – including a customer club

Direct Voice Mailing – Send a voice message to thousands of users with a single click

A sophisticated electronic mailing system

Contact Us form – when the details of the caller reach you directly to your mobile phone

Another system for managing and maintaining customers – issuing detailed reports:

Incoming call report

 The number of calls answered, the number of calls that were abandoned (and waived / not received), the caller’s details, the time and length of the call, and the sending of a response message to the caller

Segmentation report

Reports that allow the segmentation of repeat callers, an authentic report on the number of incoming calls per business, for each destination and number

(When the system already knows how to filter the user’s repeated calls).

These reports enable our clients to obtain an accurate and reliable estimate of the success of the campaign / advertising, allowing for accurate and qualitative control.

Daily and monthly reports

Reports in daily / monthly / yearly detail when can also be issued by selecting a range of hours.

The reports include graphs that show distributions and include important reports of the received calls.


We could continue to glorify and praise the capabilities of this system, because there are many more ..

But we prefer to illustrate to you in Live how easy it is to handle, preserve and monitor the customer base of your business.

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