The founder of Fixer, Eran Fixer, 35, discovered his love of computers at the age of 13 as part of a job at a company called Computer Research, a company that develops games and Internet software, as well as computer repair.

In the course of his adult years, he moved to another field and worked in the field of cash in hotels in managerial positions, accumulated courses and even a degree in his field, thus finding another area to which his heart is oriented – the tourism industry.

About 3 years ago, FIXER was founded. Its main focus is on building advanced Internet systems with sales interfaces with credit clearance, as well as amazing image sites. The emphasis is on optimization, which brings us to the additional field, mainly the promotion of websites for companies in Israel and abroad . You will also find the following services in our company: branding and reputation management, digital marketing in the social networks, business and marketing consulting for business, developing systems and software that serve our customers faithfully and gives them smart tools to control the management of their customers’ Their publications are in the digital arena.

Alongside it are freelance workers from elite computer units, talented graphic designers and creative content writers. fixer and his partners believe in working with freelancers because this allows the way to improve the code, as a result of progress with the latest and most recent updates in the Internet world.

fixer is in the forefront of technology, and as such, its site builders do all the qualifications of Google, are talented in building websites in all the languages ​​of the requested websites, and keep up to date with all the hottest trends in the digital field. Of course, every change in Google’s algorithm is updated instantly on the websites of Company customers.