Web Promotion

Do you have a website? You have probably asked yourself dozens of times – why do you need it at all? Are there any visitors on the site, and how does promoting your site on internet search engines help your business?

When a surfer searches for information about a specific product or service on the Internet, he will receive endless results on the subject, not always accurate and sometimes very far from what he is looking for. Search Engine Optimization is the job of optimizing – matching the requirements of the search engine users (Google for example). After this process, your site’s page positions are optimized for the search terms requested by the surfers, so that in the relevance test your site receives a prominent and prominent place throughout the network and in public opinion sites, and the traffic of potential surfers coming to your site grows for your benefit.

How will you sell more than your competitors? Know the sponsored promotion.

In addition to organic promotion (which is not funded), there is also a sponsored promotion to your site, sponsored promotion in the search engine Google is in a very big competition so that when we publish an ad we must consider many parameters. How do you reach more potential customers?

With the sponsored promotion, you display ads on your behalf above the organic (organic) search results for your business. While you will pay more for this promotion, your site will be promoted faster in Google search results and will reach the front pages faster and over time. Our sponsored promotion is done with an emphasis on the product / service offered by you, using targeted ads tailored to the top search terms in your business – and you enjoy increased online traffic flowing to your site and the result that leads to the sale.

The site technicians at fixer specialize in organic and sponsored web promotion (O.E.S / C.P.C) and give you management of smart reputation in the network, technological solutions and marketing solutions.

fixar SEO service includes:

SEO is organic and funded

Google organic and sponsored promotion

Social sponsored promotion

Promotion in forums and sites leading public opinion

Promotion through articles and articles on various content sites

Track website and mobile conversions

Assign a virtual phone number to your business – a unique number that allows you to track incoming calls through the site in real time.

Management of business reputation

Want to promote your site in the most professional and wise way?

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